Police Interceptor was modeled!

News / 27 January 2022

Recently I was contacted by the super talented Ciro D'Aniello regarding his study of my Police interceptor design, he did an awesome job at it!

check out his full project at: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/03EYbY

but here's a quick preview 

Ciro's 3D model

My original design

Sketching with paint (digital paint)

General / 12 October 2020


General / 08 October 2020

Lightshare Episode 5!

General / 25 August 2020

Lightshare podcast new episode!

General / 19 August 2020

Lightshare Episode 3!!

General / 17 August 2020

New Podcast Episode!!

General / 12 August 2020

Light Share first podcast ever!

General / 06 August 2020

Me and my  friends Adrian Virlan and Dom Lay started our own podcast. It's a chill environment that is supposed to show the friendship and talk about all sorts of things art and non art related.

Links to their work : 

 Dom Lay : IG   artstation 

Adrian Virlan : IG   artstation

Old Drawings worth to keep

General / 04 July 2020

Spaceshp lineart sketch

General / 14 May 2020