Project Scifi - The adventure continues

Making Of / 14 March 2018
Hello everyone!

My Scifi project continues despite the fact that I still don't have a name for it (any ideas?)

As I stated in the previous post I'm tackling these designs simultaneously, the first step was doing the thumbnails, now with those in mind I continue the effort, moving on to colored line drawings.

The first part was to select the thumbnails that were working the best for me, then I narrowed down my references, both in therms of artistic inspiration and real life references, and wrote down some notes about each design. The notes themselves are the most important part in my opinion, I thought about what was the real purpose of each design, the culture of this world, the environment, weather conditions, basically everything surrounding the world building exercise. Of course that even with some very specific ideas I needed to explore ideas, so I was not that specific with the visual part and was still able to get a bit creative with the designs.

Now I present you the second step - Colored line drawings - the objective was to narrow down form language and color schemes. Please keep in mind that layout and presentation were not worked at all, But I would love to hear toughts and ideas about the designs themselves, so don't be shy and speak your mind up!!