Project Scifi - Kickstarting a new portfolio

Making Of / 10 February 2018

Hey everyone!

This is my first blog post, and I decided to set the tone of these from the start!

As it is I probably will end up using this new (not so new anymore) feature to share works in progress with the community.

The Project

As the tittle may indicate this first post is about my portfolio project. And you might be thinking: "why a new portfolio? and why to call it a project?"

Well, I realised over time that me, as many other artists out there, was struggling with keeping a nice portfolio up on artstation, that both represented my current skill level and my artistic direction.So I decided to dedicate some time to make a new portfolio from the ground up. Really focused on what I want to have in my work and what I want to do as for work aswell.

With this in mind, I also decided to prevent the pieces from getting old to my own eyes as I moved on, since that was the cause of failure of my previous projects. To achieve a level of satisfaction that motivates me to keep going instead of making me stop midway I decided to make this a parallel project, in the sense that all pieces are being made at the "same time". 

This post is about the Step 1 (of 4) - Thumbnails. Each page represents a Design in development, and yes I intent to make 15 Final Pieces, and also intent to bring you in the journey with me.

So without further ado, I present you the Thumbnail rounds!

Please keep in mind that none of this is final in therms of presentation and layout. This is all about the designs. I not only want as much as I need YOUR FEEDBACK, so don't be shy and share along any tought that you might have about design, the directions, pointers, tips, advices, basically tell me what comes up to your mind as you see this project starting.

Thank you very much!

Cya soon